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The word compensation has unjustly become something of a dirty word amongst many people, largely down to the claim culture which came to be over the last 20 years. The reality however is that if you have been involved in something like a truck accident, then you deserve compensation. This is there so that you can cover any medical costs, so that you an claim money for lost income both now and in the future. 

There is a Michigan truck accident claim specialist legal team which has won over $1 billion for its clients, an example of just how important compensation really is. The question which many ask, is how much they will get as a payout, and here is more or less what you can expect. 

How Compensation is Calculated 

There are some cases which are anomalies and may involve a judge granting more compensation depending on a very severe injury, be it psychological or physical. In the main however, there is a relatively clear picture on what kind of injury receives a set amount of money. Using this guide, upon winning the case the victim will receive a set amount of money based on where the injury was, and how severe it was. 

Settling Before Trial

Some victims do not want the hassle of going to trial and so they will settle for a sum which the insurance company offers. This also suits the insurers as they don’t want to go through court and potentially end up paying out much more. A negotiation will take place between the legal team of the victim and the insurers, in order to see if an acceptable figure can be agreed upon. 

Location of The Injury

The first consideration which will be made by the courts is where the injury has taken place. The most compensation will be given out for head and arm injuries, as well as any injuries to hearing and to the upper body. Following this the court will offer slightly lesser payouts for the feet and the legs, unless they are looking at a situation which has resulted in the victim being paralyzed. Finally hand injuries will be the lowest rung on the payout scale. In terms of the payout scale, the severity of the injury will then be looked at. For example a head injury which is deemed as less severe, could see a payout of $25,000; alternatively a sever injury to the head could see a payout of $250,000. The five severity levels are mild, less severe, moderate, severe and extremely severe. The decision on severity will be made by the courts, after taking advice from medical professionals regarding the extremity of the injury which was sustained. 

Payouts could range wildly and some have received upwards of one million dollars in extremely severe cases, alternatively we have seen payouts of $10,000+ for mild injuries which were caused as a result of the truck accident. Your lawyer will be able to give you a clear picture on this once you have a discussion with them and their team. 

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